Justin Blackmon Arrested For Marijuana Possession


In what appears to be the final nail in the figurative coffin of his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars, former first round pick Justin Blackmon was arrested Wednesday night for possession of marijuana.

According to the report, Blackmon was pulled over for a traffic violation when the officers noticed an odor of marijuana from the car. A search revealed some currently undisclosed amount of marijuana and he was taken into custody. This is his third arrest, with the previous 2 being DUIs – one in 2010 and one after being drafted 5th overall in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Blackmon was suspended last season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, and there were no signs indicating his reinstatement anytime soon. Comments from his teammates and the coaching staff seemed to indicate Blackmon was not doing the things he needed to do in order get back onto the field, and this latest arrest unfortunately supports that assertion. This all but ends his tenure with Jaguars, and it puts a return to NFL at all into serious question.

Before, I understood the Jaguars keeping Blackmon as a trade asset since he didn’t cost the team anything during his suspension, but he has little-to-no value at all anymore. Blackmon has proven he is not going to prioritize football and do what he needs to do to make himself available, despite the immense amount of talent he has. Even if he applies for reinstatement, this latest arrest will keep him out of the NFL for the foreseeable future.

– Daniel Lago