Jaguars All-Time 53 Man Roster: OT’s


In order to help alleviate the boredom of the downtime between the draft and training camp, I’ve decided to start a new series where I will build an all-time best Jaguars 53 man roster. It’s not exactly a new idea, I know, but I think it will still be fun and could spark some fun debate about who got snubbed. Each day I will look at a different position group, and soon we will have built the ultimate Jaguars roster composed of current and past players. Today we move on to offensive tackles.

For the purposes of my all-time 53 man roster, we will be utilizing the traditional four tackles.

STARTER: Tony Boselli – We’ve had some sure-fire placements so far in this roster build, but I’m not sure there has been one as sure is this. Big Bo wasn’t just a great Jaguars player, he was one of the best tackles in the entire NFL during his prime. He was the first inductee into the Pride of the Jaguars, which he was very deserving of.

STARTER: Leon Searcy – Boselli’s ‘right hand man’ so to speak, Searcy held down the right tackle position with Big Bo at left tackle. Searcy started at right tackle for the Jags from 1996-1999, after coming over from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

DEPTH: Eugene Monroe – Monroe was drafted by Gene Smith in the first round of the 2009 draft. He has since been traded to the Baltimore Ravens, but during his time with the Jags he was a very solid player at left tackle.

DEPTH: Luke Joeckel – Somewhat of a hard choice, given how little he has played, but all signs point to Joeckel being a decade-long player for the Jags at left tackle. He was widely considered the best player in the 2013 Draft, and has drawn comparisons to former Jaguars great Tony Boselli.

JUST MISSED THE CUT:  Maurice Williams – ‘Mo’ might be remembered by some for being a guard alongside Vinny Manuwai, but he was actually a starting tackle for the team for four years. I also considered Khalif Barnes here, as well as some other guys, but eventually settled on Mo.

Well, I’m sure these selections might have ruffled some feathers, so if you disagree be sure to fire away in the comments section. Check back tomorrow as we continue with Offensive Guards. Cheers!