Journey Through The Jungle: 06/05/14


Journey Through The Jungle provides a quick roundup of Jacksonville Jaguars news from different spots around the web.

"Going back and watching every play the Jaguars ran out of the a variation of the pistol formation, I feel it should be something the team explores going forward and add more of in the playbook. The passing plays the Jaguars ran seemed fairly basic, as the vast majority were short quick passes to receivers wide. Most of these were bubble screens or smoke screens, giving the receiver blocking in front of him and sometimes with a play action fake and the offensive line selling a run block."

"After a plethora of offseason moves in the draft and free agency, there are a number of positions that are open for competition. Most of these roster battles come on the defensive side of the ball, an area where head coach Gus Bradley excels and expects his team to excel at as well."

"“My job is to be somebody he can look up to and ask questions to,” McClendon said. “My job is to help this team win in every way possible. If that’s as a starter, it’s as a starter. If that’s as a backup, it’s as a backup. If you think about what is going on behind the scenes or upstairs, you kind of get out of your game.”"

"“I’m happy to help my team any way I can – kickoff return, punt coverage, punt return, whatever,” said Johnson, a University of Central Florida product. “I’m just trying to get my foot in the door.”"