Jaguars All-Time 53 Man Roster: FB’s


In order to help alleviate the boredom of the downtime between the draft and training camp, I’ve decided to start a new series where I will build an all-time best Jaguars 53 man roster. It’s not exactly a new idea, I know, but I think it will still be fun and could spark some fun debate about who got snubbed. Each day I will look at a different position group, and soon we will have built the ultimate Jaguars roster composed of current and past players. Today we move onto fullbacks.

Even though fullbacks are not as popular in today’s game, I’ve made the controversial decision to go with two on my all-time 53.

STARTER: Greg Jones – Jones was drafted by the Jaguars out of FSU to come in and contribute to the running game, but injuries prevented him from ever becoming a dominating runner in the NFL. However, he still brought a dominant presence to the running game with his bone-crushing blocks from the fullback position. The Jaguars have had many great running backs over the years, but Greg Jones certainly contributed a lot to their success.

DEPTH: Montell Owens – Owens was never known for his play in the backfield, but he was an excellent special teams player, earning two pro-bowl nods. I decided to include Montell on the all-time 53 because of his great special teams play, as well as his ability to mix things up as a runner.

JUST MISSED THE CUT: Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala – If you’re thinking I included Fuamtu-Ma’afala on this list just because of his name…well, you would be correct. He wasn’t a terrible player, either. But the name really wins it.

Well, I’m sure these selections might have ruffled some feathers, so if you disagree be sure to fire away in the comments section. Check back tomorrow as well, as I will be moving onto tight ends. See you then!