Jaguars Rookie Mini Camp: Day Two Twitter Recap


Day one of Jaguars Rookie Mini Camp saw a huge turnout of people on Friday. Over 2,000 fans showed up to see the newest generation of the Jaguars. Everyone, from local media outlets to ESPN, was talking about the crowd and the buzz surrounding them. Well, it looks like the fans have taken it a step further on Saturday. Here’s a Twitter recap of day two of Rookie Mini Camp. NOTE: I will try to keep updating this live, until the session is over, so keep checking back or refreshing!

So, to recap: There were a TON of people at rookie mini camp today. Like, three times more than yesterday. And Bortles looked even better today. And everything is awesome, and the Jaguars are going to win the Super Bowl!

Ok, so maybe not that crazy. But it sure is great to see this many people this excited. The new generation of Jaguars football is here.