OMG – What if we pick 9th?


David Caldwell said that two teams talked to him about trading up. I am guessing that is Atlanta, Detroit or Buffalo. If Sammy Watkins is available when we draft then it is probably Buffalo or Detroit. YIKES!  That puts us at the bottom of the top ten and I never considered it.

Jake Matthews will be gone. Jadaveon Clowney, Sammy Watkins, Kahlil Mack and Greg Robinson are all gone. Let’s throw out Mike Evans and a QB, that is still only 7 players and we are picking 9th. One more is gone and I don’t know who it will be.

So here is who I think we might be picking from:

Zack Martin the offensive lineman from Notre Dame. He can play anywhere on the line and might transition into our center. David will not hesitate from to bulk up the offensive line in this draft. Be prepared for a non-exciting selection, but in the long run a very good addition.

Darqueze Dennard the cornerback from Michigan State. Opposite of Gratz is DD playing corner. This is not a bad option. If DD can be a shut down corner, more balls get thrown at Gratz who I think would show his real talent.

Odell Beckham Jr the wide receiver from LSU. Wide receivers are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get (in my best Gump voice). I am not sure with the right coaching and the right system, Odell wouldn’t match Sammy Watkins numbers.

That is what I think might happen if Buffalo or even Detroit come calling. With an extra #2 selection there are good offensive linemen later in the draft. Would David pull the trigger on one here? I am betting it would be Zack but am not sure.

I know this, I am wrong and it will only be a few hours to prove it. I can’t wait.

Terry O’Brien