Aaron Murray: 3rd Round Possibility


Source: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the draft being less then a month away, and the season of Deception in full swing, we are forced to enter the realm of “this could happen but no one knows.”  For the Jaguars this draft will be exponentially important to the development of the team, as we all are aware of the fact that this draft has been dubbed the deepest draft in resent memory. The two biggest needs for this franchise are without a single doubt the quarterback position and the pass rush. Now, the pass rush did have some potential life forced into it with Free Agency, but the quarterback position is stagnate at best.

In 22 days when David Caldwell hands in his selection for the first round, the collective Jags nation will hold its breath. Now, I am of the belief that Caldwell will choose either Clowney or Mack with the first selection and wait on a quarterback until the later rounds. Names like Mettenberger, Garoppolo, and AJ McCarron have been thrown around quite liberally lately as late round targets, yet Aaron Murray seems to be forgotten. However, Aaron Murray may be that impact player at the QB position.

Prior to his devastating ACL injury, Murray was in mix as a possible first round QB. Murray’s college production was nothing short of spectacular, with 53 career starts, a 121:41 TD ratio and the first SEC quarterback to throw for over 3,000 yards in four consecutive seasons. In addition, Murray did run for a total of 16 TDs, albeit with only 386 rushing yards so he is no RGIII 2.0. The two biggest links that can be drawn to Murray and Caldwell choosing him at some point would be this 53 consecutive starts and the fact that those 53 starts were in a pro system

David Caldwell is well documented in his apprehension in drafting a quarterback so high in the draft that is not a clear cut pick in his mind. However, Caldwell knows the need to infuse youth and talent into the quarterback position. With the quarterback talent this year there is not too big of a drop off from first round talent to third round talent, with first round bust being very detrimental to the team, while a third round bust is forgotten within a year. Taking Aaron Murray in the third, or even second if Caldwell is feeling funky, makes a lot of sense. Murray started is entire college career and did so in a pro style system, two aspects of Murray’s pedigree that Caldwell must love.

Watching Murray on film shows a composed quarterback, comfortable in the pocket, with good mechanics. Murray is not afraid to take shots down field, with usually nice touch and accuracy. Yet, Murray will at times make poor decisions in trying to squeeze the ball into double or triple coverage. To tell you the true I rather have a quarterback will to take shots down field then be Captain Check-down.

In the end all of this is for not, as Caldwell will most likely turn all pre-draft talk on its head come Draft Day. However, I am holding out hope for Murray.

~ Kyle Messina ~