Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 NFL Draft: Trading Back into the First Round?


Sep 7, 2013; Waco, TX, USA; Buffalo Bulls linebacker Khalil Mack (46) and linebacker Lee Skinner (24) and linebacker Blake Bean (33) prepare to face the Baylor Bears during the game at Floyd Casey Stadium. The Bears defeated the Bulls 70-13. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With still more than a month to go until the 2014 NFL draft, people are starting to get significantly more creative with their mock drafts and incorporating trades. While mock drafts are hard to construct in the first place, let alone with predicted trades, the process does yield some good discussions about crazy scenarios that might occur on draft day.

One such scenario was proposed by Will Brinson over at CBS Sports in a mock draft he posted on Wednesday. After slotting Jadeveon Clowney and Greg Robinson first and second overall respectively, he has David Caldwell and the Jacksonville Jaguars taking Khalil Mack. It’s not a surprising move considering the recent talk about the Jaguars passing on a quarterback at number 3. The interesting part of his draft however comes when you keep scrolling down, and you notice Teddy Bridgewater conspicuously missing. It’s not until the final pick of the first round that we see Bridgewater’s name called. No, he doesn’t have the Seattle Seahawks taking the signal caller out of Louisville. Instead he has the Jaguars trading back into the first round to sneak in front of Houston.

"The cost to move up just four spots is prohibitive, the staffs know one another so there’s some familiarity, the Seahawks aren’t scared of moving around and the Jaguars sense a chance to beat the Texans for Bridgewater. Walking out of the first day with a stud pass rusher and one of the top quarterbacks is a dream scenario for Dave Caldwell.– Will Brinson on the Jaguars trading up to number 32"

I personally think it would be sheer insanity if Bridgewater somehow falls all the way to number 32, but we’ve seen crazy things happen on draft day. The more pertinent question is whether or not Jacksonville can and should move up if something like this happens.

I completely agree with this move if the draft plays out like this, especially considering the arsenal of draft picks Caldwell has at his disposal. Looking at the trade value chart, Caldwell would probably only have to give up one, maybe two mid-round picks to move back up from the second round. While it hurts a little bit to give up picks in such a deep draft, it’s more than worth it to snag arguably the best quarterback in the draft and to prevent your division rival from getting him.

It’s a pretty crazy scenario, but dreams do come true every once in a while.

-Daniel Lago

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