Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 NFL Draft: Clowney’s Pro Day


As we move into April, the final public evaluations of prospects for the 2014 NFL draft are coming to a close. With the top 3 quarterbacks all done with their pro days, defensive end Jadeveon Clowney from South Carolina was up to bat on Wednesday. Widely considered the top overall prospect in the draft, most people expect Clowney to be an easy choice for the Jacksonville Jaguars if he’s available with the third overall pick.

By all accounts, Clowney had a terrific pro day and certainly didn’t hurt his draft stock. Per the norm, the pro day didn’t really matter. In fact, the Jaguars’ staff didn’t even meet privately with Clowney.

The most interesting part of Clowney’s pro day was some of the comments he made, including his statement on his plans if the Texans pass on him with the first overall pick.

That’s exactly what you want to hear from a guy when he’s asked that question, but it does little to quell some of the concerns about his effort on the field.

Overall, this pro day probably won’t have much of an effect if any at all on who the Jaguars will select in the first round. The consensus now seems to be David Caldwell will take him if he falls to three.

-Daniel Lago

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