Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley Talks at Owners Meeting


The annual NFL Owners Meeting is generally for discussing proposed rule changes and whatnot, but it also provides a media opportunity for the coaches and other important members of NFL franchises. Head coach Gus Bradley has done a great job of making himself available and being transparent, and Tuesday he was no different.

Gus talked a little bit about the draft, including the need for a starting center. Even after signing Zane Beadles to start at guard, Bradley said he expected at least one more offensive lineman to come through the draft.

He also reiterated his intention to start Chad Henne at quarterback, even though they are pretty determined to draft a quarterback. This seems to be a little bit of coach speak, because I find it hard to believe Henne will start the entire year if the team drafts a quarterback in the first round.

He talked some about general draft philosophy and specifically about some of the players in the draft.

He also made note of how different he expects the roster to look in 2014, as there will be huge turnover via the draft and free agency.

Overall Gus Bradley said many things we already knew or suspected, but it’s nice to see a coach being open and forthcoming about the draft process and building his team.

-Daniel Lago

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