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The AFC South is seen by many NFL analyst as one of the weaker divisions in football. That can be a positive because it won’t take much improvement by the Jags to turn things around. The negative is a total lack of respect. Aside from the Colts, there is not much to be excited about right now in the AFC South, except for the impending NFL draft in which two of their teams will be picking in the top three, and three teams in the top eleven. What I will be doing is ranking the AFC South at multiple positions. For now I will be going with the players who would be the presumed starter while attempting to take into consideration free agency and draft picks. We will start at QB.

  1. Andrew Luck/Indianapolis Colts – The only QB set at his position. Came in with a lot of expectations and for the most part has met them. He needs to lower his interceptions and play well consistently in big games. The comeback win in the playoffs against the Chiefs could be the start of something special. There is not a team in the division who wouldn’t want luck. Easily the best QB in the AFC South.
  2. Matt Schaub/Houston Texans – This is sad. Schaub is the 2nd best QB in the division and odds are he won’t be starting next year. He may not even be on the team. A working class QB who never dazzled but put up good numbers and won a lot of games.  His play took a tremendous step back last year. That, along with an issue with staying healthy, may put him in the “experienced backup” role for 2014. Again, SADLY, Schaub is the 2nd best QB in the AFC South.
  3. Jake Locker/Tennessee Titans – Kind of like Matt Schaub’s little brother. He has played some good games. He has put up some nice numbers. He has won a few games. He also is wildly inconsistent. He is constantly hurt. He will also probably not be the starting QB for the Titans next year. He may have even lost his starting position to Ryan Fitzpatrick! Shockingly…He is still not the worse QB in the AFC South.
  4. Blaine Gabbert/Jacksonville Jaguars – This is assuming Chad Henne doesn’t re-sign, we don’t take a QB with our first draft pick, and GM Dave Caldwell was serious when he said he hadn’t given up on Gabbert. GOD…I hope this doesn’t happen. Blaine Gabbert is not just the worst QB in the AFC South, He is BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS the worst QB in the NFL. He has shown no growth. He is still timid in the pocket. He is a spread offense QB that couldn’t translate his game from college to pro. He is owed one more year and if you want to keep him as a back-up, that is fine. But if Jacksonville doesn’t take a QB in the draft, they better bring in another experienced QB, including the mediocre Henne. Please don’t make us watch Gabbert play anymore.

Even if Chad Henne is re-signed, Jacksonville will most likely have the worst QB in the AFC South. Now if they take a Bortles, Manziel, or Bridgewater in the draft, then I will have to re-evaluate. One thing is for sure. The AFC South’s QB list is Andrew Luck and…everyone else.

Thanks for reading. I will be back with RB next.

List compiled by Michael McDonald.

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