Jacksonville Jaguars Fan: What To Watch Super Bowl Night


Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are again. Another Super Bowl Sunday. Another year the Jaguars are not involved. Some people, like myself, are not “front-runners” and could give a rat’s buttock about the game. I have always had a “If my team ain’t playing, I don’t care about the game” mentality. Now I, because of these articles, have to search for anything that garners my attention and will also satisfy my Jag devotion. Here are a few things you can ponder during the game Sunday.

  • Former Jags on Denver – DC Jack Del Rio, DT Terrence Knighton, DE Jeremy Mincey, & LB Brandon Marshall.
  • Former Jags on Seahawks – None
  • Jags record vs. Broncos last 10 years: 4 wins – 2 losses
  • Jags record vs Seahawks last 10 years: 1 win – 2 losses

Stars of the game and how they relate to the Jags…

  • Peyton Manning was selected #1 overall by the Colts in the 1998 NFL Draft. The Jags selected 9th and took Fred Taylor. They selected again at #25 and took Donovin Darius. There is no real competition here but at least the Jags took two great players.
  • Knowshon Moreno was selected #12 in the 2009 Draft. The Jags had selected at #8 and took Eugene Monroe. It took Moreno until this year to prove his worth while Monroe is proving his worth in Baltimore now. I’d give this one to Denver.
  • Demaryius Thomas was selected #22 in the 2010 Draft…along with Tim Tebow at #25. The Jags selected 10th and selected Tyson Alualu, who after 3 years has still not established himself as a first round draft choice. Let alone a top ten. Denver wins again…I’m seeing a trend!
  • Wes Welker was not even drafted in 2004. The Jags drafted Reggie Williams at #9. LET ME REPEAT THAT!!! We took pothead Reggie Williams…With the NINTH pick…Wes Welker was UNDRAFTED!!! This one is more about the Jags LOSING! I’m getting SICK!
  • Julius Thomas was selected in the 4th round at #129 of 2011 draft. Prior to Denver’s pick, the Jags selected Blaine Gabbert, giving up a second round pick in the process, and Chris Prosinski. I’m starting to lose hope.
  • Russell Wilson was selected 75th in the 3rd round of 2012 draft. Five picks prior, the Jags selected punter Bryan Anger and…WHAT?!?!…A DAMN PUNTER ?!?!…Why did I even start this?

Long story short. Just look at the prior section and it’s easy to see why Denver and Seattle are in the Super Bowl, while the Jags are selecting #3 in this years draft. Jane…Stop this crazy thing!!! It’s time for the Jags to make the risky move and be rewarded. Here’s hoping GM Dave Caldwell follows up an outstanding 2013 draft with more of the same. Meanwhile, Let’s enjoy the last NFL game of the 2013 season. I see a four point victory by the Broncos in what should be one of the better Super Bowls in it’s history. I’ll be watching the Super Bowl…But I’ll be thinking about 2014 and my Jags! Needing a defibrillator after the Wes Welker/Reggie Williams paragraph…Michael McDonald. Say hey on Sunday on Twitter @gumbussy.