Jacksonville Jaguars – Playing Amateur GM (WR & TE)


Without any games left and no playoff opportunities, all Jags fans have to look forward to is next year. If this year is any indication, the Jags are heading in the right direction (and believe me, I didn’t feel this way in the first half of the season). Most of it has to do with the inspired coaching of Gus Bradley. A lot more can be attributed to GM David Caldwell. He had an excellent 2013 draft and was pretty spot on with free agents. I look forward to see what he does next.

As I have stated in previous article, I was a season ticket owner for the first six years of the Jaguars’ existence…So I’m OBVIOUSLY qualified to give my opinions on the state of the Jags at each position*. Where we are strong and where we need help. Let me know if you agree…

* = I hope my sarcasm is recognized!!!

Cecil Shorts III (84)Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports
Cecil Shorts III (84)Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports /

In the first article, I graded out the positions of QB and RB. 

In this article…I will grade out the positions of the wide receiver and tight end.

Wide Receiver – Seemingly Strong…yet unpredictable and very shallow. Cecil Shorts III appears to be our best WR. If he can stay healthy, I think he could become elite with just a good QB. Justin Blackmon is our most talented WR, but because of substance abuse issues, our least reliable. Will he be Chris Carter and put his issues behind him? Will he be the next R. Jay Soward and waste God given talent. Unfortunately it’s completely up to him. I can’t express how much I like Ace Sanders. Fantastic draft pick in the 4th round. Will only get better. I hope they stick with Mike Brown. I think he still has potential. He kind of reminds me where Shorts was two years ago. The rest is a group of constantly hurt, never was, or never will be. I hope we look to draft another fast guy, preferably someone with a little more size. POSITION GRADE…C+ (Third strike for Blackmon? Drops to a…D)

Marcedes Lewis (89)Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Marcedes Lewis (89)Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

Tight End – I’m perplexed with the TE position. Mercedes Lewis is the Incredible Invisible Man. Some games he is lethal. Great in the red zone and a great 3rd down target. He’s also an amazing blocker and athlete. He also will have games where you would think he never took the field. He signed a HUGE contract in 2011, took up MMA, and has been either hurt or inconsistent ever since. I am very confident that unless he reconstructs his contract, he will have to be waived because no other team will take on his over $12.5 million remaining contract salary. Clay Harbor was a capable substitute while Lewis was hurt. I liked Allen Reisner’s potential before he was hurt. Danny Noble had only one catch all year…It did go for a 62 yard TD though. I would like to see the Jags address this in the draft. POSITION GRADE…C

OK. I’ll be back in a couple of days with my grading of the offensive line and special teams.

I’m  Michael McDonald. Thus endeth the lesson.

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