Calling all Cleveland Free Agents!


As a player, you can’t imagine how bad it is to be in a bad organization. You have a limited career life to start and to spend it in a dysfunctional organization is just a waste of time and energy. That is why I am inviting all Cleveland Brown free agents to visit Jacksonville and meet with Uncle Gus.  In fact, stick around and visit with some of the players. Spend some time in the city, especially now that it is winter in Cleveland.

If you need a personal invitation, here it is:

Alex Mack, you are invited to Jacksonville!  You have been a top rated NFL Center since you were drafted in the first round in 2009. You came from California, so you understand warm weather and beaches. Our Center Brad Meester has retired and we have no replacement right now. Alex, you were the 5th best run blocking center in football, we need a run blocker real bad. You were the 4th best pass blocking center in football, we need pass blocking real bad. Come for a visit Alex, you will be very welcomed.

T.J. Ward, you are invited to Jacksonville! You were the best run stopping Safety in football this year. In fact, you have been a top Safety since being drafted in 2010 in the second round. We need to stop those explosive runs that got us this year. Josh Evans and Winston Guy are nice guys and they tried real hard, but they are not as good as you. They will play on Special Teams if you come and still hang out with you.  Your pass coverage skills would be so welcomed right now. T.J. come for a visit, we would love to show you around.

Shawn Lauvao, you are invited to Jacksonville! As a Right Guard, I know you had a bad year. I know the Cleveland President wanted you fired, but Chud refused. You poor guy, it was horrible, wasn’t it? You need some Gus Bradley real bad. Gus can get you loving football again. I know when you were drafted in 2010 in the third round, they expected a lot from you. You had a decent 2011 season. All those coaching changes and all that noise directed at you didn’t sit well. We need a Right Guard real bad. We have this guy Will Rackley and he isn’t as good as you. You don’t have to play every game, just be a backup for awhile while you get over that Cleveland nightmare. We would love to see you come to Jacksonville. We think you would get much netter real fast.

Well, that is all the personal invitations. Willis McGahee, at 32 years old, Dave Caldwell might not be interested, but give him a call anyway. He might be looking for a running back. I think you might fit in!

Terry O’Brien