Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts – First Half Observations


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Here are some random thoughts after the first half of the Jaguars/Colts game:

Sometimes I think there is nothing worse than an opening drive fumble. Come on, MJD…You could be playing for a contract today.

Though the Colts scored on that first drive I’m very pleased with the play of our defensive secondary.

I say this every week. I just can’t figure out how Chad Henne has been in the league 6 years, over half that time as a starter, and still have no sense of feeling the rush. That is why he is destined to be a career backup.

You gotta love Laroy Reynolds. “Helmets?!?…We don’t need no STINKING HELMETS’!!!

I might have complimented the Jags defensive secondary a little too soon. Paperbag in the rain weak on the Colt’s second drive.

I know the Colts are a playoff team at home playing with a purpose…but they are not this good. For the first time since the bye week, the Jags look uninspired.

Someone has hypnotized Trent Richardson to believe he’s back with the Crimson Tide. He’s happy because he probably was paid more there!

Biggest example of an outstanding player paying for a bad team…There is no way Paul Posluszny isn’t a Pro Bowl Linebacker. He came into the game as the 2nd leading tackler in the ENTIRE LEAGUE!!! Man was robbed!

CB’s Will Blackmon (7 yrs) & Alan Ball (6 yrs) don’t fit the Jags M.O. of choosing players with 4 yrs or less with reasonable salaries…but I hope they bring these two back because I never see them give up. Even if it’s just for mentoring. Same with Jason Babin (10 yrs).

Chad Henne looks like DO-DO today. Throwing motion like he’s at a shot put competition. Nice INT on last drive…PUT IN STANZI!!!!! What do you have to lose?

The ever-maddening Mercedes Lewis…3 targets…1 catch…2 DROPS.

Here’s hoping the second half….Gives me more reasons to keep watching. Start by pulling Henne. You can tell he just doesn’t have it today. I am not demanding a win…I just want to look competitive.

Commentary by Michael McDonald

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