Jaguars vs. Titans – First Half Comments


Here are some random thoughts after the first half of the Jaguars/Titans game:

I’m shocked that MJD is playing but he looks strong.

Nice 20 yd plus pass completion on just 2nd play of the game for the Jags. Jedd Fisch is getting more confident.

Mike Brown is earning consideration to be in the Jags WR corp next year. He just needs to stay healthy.

Like Reggie Wayne for the Colts, Nate Washington LOVES to play against the Jags. Career numbers vs Jags – 13 games/42 catches/543 yds/4 tds

Why can’t Marcedes Lewis play like this all the time! Such a weapon when he’s on his game.

Screen Pass to Brad Meester caught even the commentators by surprise. Was also EASILY the coolest moment of the season. Great career Brad! You’ll be missed.

After a “bend don’t break” opening defensive series, the Jag defense is looking solid. Fitzpatrick is getting hit OFTEN!!

I like the decision for the Jags to go on 4th down at the end of the 1st period. Sends a message of confidence even if it failed.

If Tennessee is smart (I know…oxymoron) , they will stuck with Shonn Greene at RB. He’s the kind of runner that hurts these Jags, not Chris Johnson.

Someone REALLY needs to tell Fitzpatrick how ridiculous that beard is. Unless you’re a Red Sox…You just look stupid.

Great goal line stand on fourth down for Jags. Play like that is something you can build on in the future.

Why haven’t we thrown to MJD more this year. Everytime we do it, it ends positive.

Damn if Bryan Anger doesn’t make it seem like he was a STEAL in the third round. I’m just sayin…

I hope the Jags can figure out a way to keep Jason Babin…I just like the way he plays and the nastiness he brings. Nastiest Jag since John Henderson.

Wow…Andre Branch is an NFL defensive end…I’m excited about his future.

Thanks for the kick out of bounds right before halftime, Titans.

Hate to say it but…Henne looks damn good!!!

Great two minute drill Jags…I wish I was at the game!!!

Here’s hoping the second half…Plays out just like the first. The score may not indicate it, but the Jags are dominating the game.

Commentary by Michael McDonald

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