Jacksonville Jaguars Power Rankings – A Slight Drop


Dec 15, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne (7) looks to throw the ball during the second half of the game against the Buffalo Bills at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

After a shocking three game winning streak, the Jacksonville Jaguars fell back to earth on Sunday when they lost at home to the Buffalo Bills. The Jaguars have still vastly outperformed most people’s expectations as far as wins and are arguably one of the best coached teams in the NFL. Still, their loss reminded everyone of the team’s glaring deficiencies and they consequently dropped in most power rankings.

Here’s how the Jacksonville Jaguars fared in power rankings across the web:


"29. Even with the loss Sunday, Jacksonville is 4-2 since Week 10, a better winning percentage than 20 other teams. A good draft could do wonders for this team next season."

CBS Sports

"28. The streak is over. But now they have a chance to sweep the Titans."


"27. Tough loss for the Jags, who clearly have turned it around in the second half of the season. Sure, it was a game the team could have won, and the city of Jacksonville would’ve enjoyed getting its fifth victory in a month and a half, but remember: It was just two months ago that people wondered if these Jags could be competitive in any contest, much less victorious. We’d like to see Gus Bradley audition as many young players as possible to determine what he has for 2014. If that comes to the detriment of winning, that’s the way it goes."


"30. Like the Raiders, the Jags’ four wins probably represent three more than many people expected. They came up short against Buffalo thanks to two interceptions and some poor run defense, but the good news is they got a solid Iron Law of Running Back Fungibility reminder with Jordan Todman’s 100-yard effort that may help them avoid burning cash on MJD as the rebuild begins. Or continues. Or maybe, when you’ve been bad this long, it’s just a “build.” (Last week: 29)"


"29. Jacksonville JaguarsThe Jaguars are definitely improving and watching the franchise shift in the right direction, but they watched their three-game winning streak come to an end on Sunday afternoon.While their season is over and they can begin looking to next season, they have to feel good about the progress the team has made down the final stretch of the season and they should be confident that Gus Bradley is the man who could turn things around."

– Daniel Lago

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