What we really learned in Cleveland


The culture of winning is developing.  You know you have that winners luck when you win and didn’t deserve to. The Patriots do that all the time, year in and year out. Cleveland had us beat on both sides of the ball. Their defense was tough in the second half and they could have thrown to Josh Gordon all day. How we stayed in that game I don’t know. Gus Bradley told Jedd Fisch to stay aggressive and he dialed up a play matching Cecil Shorts against Joe Haden as a last gasp try. Wow, that’s how winners do it, they have the balls to win.

Ace Sanders is still developing but fast.  Jerry Sullivan is in charge of who plays wide receiver and he has given his stamp of approval to Ace Sanders as a starter. You can see Ace is still trying to figure it out, but I’ll bet Sullivan sits with him and together they review his performance. Ace Sanders has better hands than Cecil Shorts and will become as good a receiver in time. We might see a breakout game from him yet this year.

MJD is a shell of his former self. I hate even writing these words and I wish it wasn’t true, but there is no electricity when he runs. Jordan Todman doesn’t know where to run, but he does generate a spark. Maurice and Marcedes are playing the same role to me, both can block, both can generate something when called on, but neither of them can carry a team any longer. Their days of commanding big money are behind them. They may keep Marcedes one more year, but Maurice will not be earning $6,000,000 a year next year, not from the Jaguars.

The number one draft pick is not ours.  With four games to go, I think it is almost a sure bet that one or two teams pick ahead of us. The Jaguars might pull two more wins out this year. Houston, Atlanta, Minnesota, Tampa Bay and the Redskins are all in the hunt for worst team. I am guessing we pick third but I am ok with that. I don’t think you can identify any college player worth lying down for right now. It is better to win than to pick a spot or two early.

Jeremy Mincey is really in the dog house.  Not only didn’t he travel to Houston, he was inactive for this game. Jeremy Mincey is no slouch on the defensive line when he is motivated. For Gus to leave him off the team for two weeks is a real strong signal.  Blaine Gabbert got in the dog house for his stupid game against St. Louis. Jeremy Mincey got in there for his off field interests and somehow not showing up mentally in practice. I don’t know when we will see him again.

Terry O’Brien