Keep Your Enemies Close – 5 Questions with Toro Times on the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans


Nov 18, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson (80) runs after a catch against the Jacksonville Jaguars in overtime at Reliant Stadium. The Texans defeated the Jaguars 43-37. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars may have the worst record in the league, but their divisional colleagues in Houston may be the most disappointing team of 2013. After winning a playoff game last year, many predicted the Texans to make the leap and possibly play in the Super Bowl. Injuries and horrific quarterback play have derailed their season as they dwell near the bottom of the division with only two wins. Despite their troubles, the Houston Texans still have a lot of talent, so we decided to talk with our Fansided bros over at Toro Times about the game. Here’s what editor Stephen Forsha had to say:

1. Before the season, some people predicted the Texans to make it to the Super Bowl. What has gone wrong? Is it just the quarterback position?

So much has gone wrong with this team, whether it be bad luck, injuries or just poor play. One of the main reasons was the quarterback play early on from Matt Schaub. He had the tendency to throw a pick-six on a weekly basis, so that, added with poor play from a lot of his other teammates seemed to snow ball into a losing streak the team still hasn’t been able to shake.

Another reason if the play of the offensive line, mostly their pass protection. It hasn’t been good season at all when it comes to their pass blocking. Plus losing Arian Foster, Owen Daniels and Brian Cushing to the IR, doesn’t help matters at all either.

2. The Texans are getting a pretty good look at Case Keenum. Is he good enough for the Texans to pass on a first round quarterback in 2014?

I’m not sure yet, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Keenum this season. I guess it all depends on where the Texans pick from come May, but as of today I don’t see the Texans drafting a quarterback. That all could change, but this team has other problems and they should really look at the offensive line class as well, because even if they were to draft a QB, I don’t believe they have the players capable of protecting him in the long run.

3. Which player on the Texans offense should the Jaguars be worried about?

Andre Johnson is the player that is capable breaking this game wide-open for the Texans. He and Keenum seem to have a good relationship, as they’ve connected for five touchdown passes so far since Keenum has taken over at QB. If the Jaguars don’t scheme for Johnson this week, he could make life miserable for the AFC South rival.

4. Which player on the Texans defense should the Jaguars be worried about?

The best player on the Texans this season has been J.J. Watt. He, like Johnson on offense, is a player that must be accounted for each and every snap. If they take their eye off Watt in the game, he could have the breakout game he really hasn’t had yet in 2013.

5. Game Prediction and Final Score?

Texans 21, Jaguars 14 …. This won’t be a “pretty” game for either team, but the Texans are really due for a win, and this is a good chance for them to break what is an eight-game skid. With that said, the Texans have been know to give up “freebie” touchdowns this season, so it isn’t like they are going to dominate the Jaguars either.

– Daniel Lago

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