Is The Jaguars OW Setting Precedence?


Jun 13, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars running back Denard Robinson (29) rushes with the ball during a mini camp held at the Florida Blue Health

At work almost exactly a year ago, our new ownership representative said something that’s stuck with me till today. He said “We will never tell you to sit on a three legged stool and tell you, ‘you better not fall off’. But we expect you to never follow the curve, you will be ahead of the curve, looking back, setting precedence for all others to follow”. The Jaguars made headlines last month when they created a position that will capitalize on all of 5th round pick, Denard Robinson’s skill sets. They introduced the NFL world to the “Offensive Weapon”. Sure there’s been positions similar to the OW. Remember Kordell Stewart, the “Slash” player from Pittsburgh. He used his versatility to find success in the NFL. Then there was the “Wildcat” out of Miami that took the NFL by storm a few years back. But that lasted about as long as Pat White’s career. The problem with the Wildcat was that players like Ronnie Brown, a RB, lined up as a QB. It didn’t take a defensive genius to figure out how to stop it.

This is where the Offensive Weapon, can find success. You take a player that actually has passing, running AND pass catching ability and line him up all over the field. Robinson obviously has all three traits, and the Jaguars did well in labeling him as an Offensive Weapon. Tim Tebow signed with the Patriots as a QB, and Coach Belichick stated that he was signed to play Quarterback. Belichick is a coaching mastermind. You really think he’d lay his cards on the table and let the world know what his end plan is going to be? Fast forward to the first day of Training Camp. Tebow is lining up all over the field. QB, RB & WR – ala Offensive Weapon. If proven successful the Offensive Weapon could be this years “Read Option” and find a permanent home in the NFL.