Early Season Fantasy Football Rankings- Defense


Jun 11, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; A football sits on the turf during a Jacksonville Jaguars minicamp at the Florida Blue Health

Here we are at the beginning of the Fantasy Football. By beginning, I mean we can actually start signing up for the new league year. My feelings on drafting a Defense is simple: try and get one of the top 4 – 5, if not, play the Defense Merry-Go-Round. Simply play the match up game, and play the best available defense for that week. The kicker? I always draft a top defense. Because you can’t have a solid team without a solid D. There’s been a few changes in the league, however most of the cores of the dominant defenses remain the same. The biggest exception being the Ravens. Who have been gutted worse than a turkey at Thanksgiving. My biggest surprise will be the rise of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Defense. We can thank Gus Bradley for that.

1. Seattle Seahawks

2. San Francisco 49rs

3. Chicago Bears

4. Houston Texans

5. Cincinnati Bengals

6. Denver Broncos

7. St. Louis Rams

8. Atlanta Falcons

9. New York Giants

10. Green Bay Packers

11. Pittsburgh Steelers

12. Arizona Cardinals

13. New England Patriots

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

15. Jacksonville Jaguars

-Jason Abarca