The MJD Saga Continues


May 13, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew (32) watches from the sidelines during organized team activities at The Florida Blue Health

When Maurice Jones-Drew entered the media room on Monday, most onlookers expected to get some answers to the now much distorted event at the Conch House on May 26. Well Jones-Drew shot down reporters immediately by revealing that he was advised to not speak about the incident while the investigation is ongoing.

"“I can’t speak on it …It’s an ongoing investigation…Once it’s done, it will be done.”– Maurice Jones-Drew"

While not illuminating any of the juicy details about the alleged incident, Jones-Drew went on to talk about remorse and looking ahead.

"“This is a big distraction, and I never wanted to be that. I’ve never wanted to be a distraction to this team, period”      – Maurice Jones-Drew"

In addition to the his legal troubles, Jones-Drew is also plagued by his continuing rehabilitation from his foot injury. While he is in the facility, he has not yet been cleared to practice. Reports are that Jones-Drew has looked out of shape and a little bulky from his time off his feet.

"“I read reports that I’m fat and out of shape. Yes, that does happen when you can’t walk for three months and you can’t work out and you can’t do certain things because you have to be able to protect your foot.”– Maurice Jones-Drew"

MJD vows to be in shape and ready to perform in his contract year, but odds are regardless of his performance this season he won’t return to the Jaguars next season. At his age, expected price tag, and prospects as he crosses the age of 30, Maurice Jones-Drew’s value has dropped significantly, to the point where he probably can’t be traded. We’ve already discussed the possibility of letting Jones-Drew go this season, and with all of his current issues it might not be the most outrageous idea.

– Daniel Lago

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