Jaguars Tweets – Dead Zone


Nothing pangs a hardcore NFL fan more than the period between the draft and training camp. This time is rife with speculation, silence, or nonsense pieces like this one. But one thing that always delivers is Jaguars twitter.

I haven’t been on Twitter very long  and I don’t tweet often, but I read twitter everyday and Jaguar nation is probably the best represented and most vindictively hilarious NFL fanbases on the social media platform.

Whether it’s unbridled and sometimes uncomfortable passion for a potential franchise savior…

Or a self-deprecating parody account of a much beloved local sports columnist…

Or  an uncle who always has a hot sports take…

you can always find a laugh even if it’s not Jaguar related.

Jaguar fans on twitter run the gamut but they all collaborate to defend the franchise whenever someone on twitter decides to be ignorant. If you decide to make a lazy, sideways comment about the Jaguars moving to LA or poor attendance, watch out.

As a Jaguars fan who lives in Atlanta, I really appreciate the fervor and frequency with which Jaguar fans tweet. Not living in Jacksonville, I don’t get that culture of community that most fans get when they live in their team’s city, but following so many Jaguar fans on twitter who are so passionate really makes you feel like you are there. People around the nation who don’t know much about the Jaguars and their fans really don’t know the extent to which the people in the city love this team.

So in the spirit of the dead zone, go on twitter and kill some time on the Jaguars hashtag. You’re guaranteed to find hours of distractions and it certainly will help the dead period end more quickly.

– Daniel Lago

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