Five Teams That Could Fall To The Top Of The 2014 Draft

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Arizona Cardinals – Why it could occur:

I hate to see Arizona on this list, I hate it. Bruce Arians is the new coach and he took Tom Moore with him as his first officer.  We all love these two old men. Bruce brought Indianapolis offensive line coach as the new offensive coordinator.  I want Bruce to succeed so very much. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of talent to work with in Arizona. I have a hard time seeing a real chance for major success.

They drafted Jonathan Cooper (guard), Kevin Minter (LSU Linebacker) and then Tyrann Mathieu, the infamous “Honey Badger.”  They added Carson Palmer in free agency.  My fear for Bruce is that Carson Palmer might be thinking more about retirement than Super Bowl.  He is a quality guy and has up and down games, usually more up than down but he doesn’t work miracles. He also doesn’t need the money or the pain. I know the Cardinals are working on improving the offensive line, but it has given up the most sacks in the last two years. Carson Palmer needs to find open receivers fast and he can’t keep looking for Larry Fitzgerald.

Arizona is in the NFC West. That is Seahawks, 49ers and Rams territory. There isn’t room on the schedule to get your new coaches and new players ready. There isn’t enough on the roster to avoid starting as many rookies as possible. Bruce Arians has a tough tough job ahead and I am not sure he is even an NFL Head Coach, much less a strong rebuilding capable head coach.