Five Teams That Could Fall To The Top Of The 2014 Draft

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Tennessee Titans – Why it could occur:

It starts at the top and Bud Adams is losing his mind and his patience. When you stand in the owner’s box flipping off your fans, disharmony exudes. Bud kept Mike Munchak as coach after publicly berating him and put GM Ruston Webster on notice. They told Bud they needed better players and he opened the checkbook for a flurry of free agency signings.  Ruston and Munchak are sweating bullets and Munchak is not that good of a coach.

Their season opens with the Steelers, Houston and the Chargers. Then it continues with the Jets, Chiefs, Seahawks and 49ers.  If they are 1-6 at the bye week and then lose to the Jaguars, Bud Adams will blow his mind and the fans will be in revolt. The entire season could unravel right then.  There are so many new players, and not that many quality receivers for Jake Locker to hit. If Jake is ineffective, Ryan Fitzpatrick gets to play. Yikes!

Tennessee had 50+ points hung on them twice last year.  The defense did not get the attention the offense did in free agency or the draft.  I don’t know how the big money spent is going to make them that much different. Their offensive line was decent before, so do they believe they can make Chris Johnson better with better line blocking? Chris Johnson has been losing his elusiveness. Maybe that is blocking. Will Jake Locker emerge with slightly better pass blocking? They had very low sacks and hits on him last year. I don’t know, but either they will move away from the edge, or fall into the abyss.