Mark Brunell – Gone, But Not Forgotten


Apr 26, 2013; New York, NY, USA; NFL former player Mark Brunell announces the thirty-third overall pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

$3.99. That’s what I paid for it. As a Jaguars fan, I check from time to time for Jaguars jerseys and memorabilia on eBay. I came across it and thought why not. I put in my bid, forgot about it, and two days later received a notification that I’d won the bid for a Mark Brunell jersey for the unbelievable price of $3.99. Excited? Yep! But also a little disappointed. Why, you ask? Because I felt disrespected as a fan of my favorite team and player that something like this could mean so little to someone else.

Mark Brunell is arguably the best player in Jaguars Football history. He brought the franchise to contending status at an inconceivable rate. Reaching the playoffs in three of its first four seasons. He set all kinds of records and reached the Pro Bowl many times. He was to put it bluntly, “The Man”, and created life long fans outside of Jacksonville, including myself at over 4,000 miles away. Life after Jacksonville wasn’t half bad either. He spent some time with the Redskins.  Then earned a Super Bowl ring while being on the Saints roster. Also mentored Mark Sanchez for a couple of years in New York before leaving the game (the departure of Brunell coincided with the decline of Sanchez. Coincidence? Maybe). He’s taken risks on the real estate playing field that haven’t all panned out. On the flip side he’s established many successful Whataburger franchises. He’s now “Coach Brunell” at Episcopal School in Jacksonville.

Curiosity finally got to me. I had to contact the buyer and find out why. It turns out she was moving on to a new chapter in her life and was getting rid of some old items. I felt better. Even better knowing I was getting another jersey of one of my all time favorite player, for only $3.99.

– Jason Abarca