Chuck Norris Versus The Jacksonville Jaguars


May 13, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; A general view of the jaguar statue outside EverBank Field after organized team activities nearby at The Florida Blue Health

Tim Tebow mania has continued to affect everything the Jacksonville Jaguars do, despite the team’s front office openly saying they would not pick up Tebow.  As great of a guy as he is and as much as he wins (whether due to his defense or running game or a magic throw at the end of the game), the Jaguars simply do not have a place for him on their team.

Apparently neither do 31 other franchises.

Unfortunately, it is the Jaguars and not the other 31 that are brought to the forefront when Tebow is mentioned.  Tebow played high school ball nearby.  He played for the University of Florida.  But he is not a Jacksonville Jaguar, no matter what his supporters do to make it so.

The latest supporter to request the Jaguars pick up Tebow is Chuck Norris.  The famed martial artist, actor, and total gym salesman, Norris is the fittest 73 year old around.  Jokes about the super-human feats of Chuck Norris abound.  He beats Superman, Batman, and can even move the earth down with one simple push up.

But can he convince the Jaguars to sign Tebow?

On Tuesday Norris wrote a column for News Busters defending Tebow.  “I’ve heard the critics say Tebow has poor technical skills, but the truth is that Tim is a natural leader, an amazingly gifted football player, an inspiration to his team and the possessor of intense determination and strategy to bring any team to victory — no matter what the odds. One can improve technique, but leadership is innate. That is why I believe that Tebow could be a superstar and legend in the NFL,” writes Norris.  While he may be right that he is a natural leader and a gifted football player, Tebow just does not have the requisite skills at quarterback – the position he insists he play.

Norris then goes on to say that he would pick the Jaguars for Tebow to join and “usher it to Super Bowl status.”  He notes that it would draw thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of people to the stadium to watch him play.  They would become lifelong fans of the Jaguars simply because of Tebow.  While the fan base may increase with the loyal following Tebow has, Everbank Field does a decent job filling the stadium and doesn’t have room for tens of thousands more fans to come to each game, even if Chuck Norris does make it so.

Mr. Norris ends his column asking owner Shahid Khan to consider the words of Martin Luther King Jr. saying, “So let me respectfully challenge Khan to consider these words from Dr. King: “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”

Unfortunately for Norris, the Jaguars see Tebow as a football commodity not as an “unsafe” choice.  Picking up Tebow is not wise from a football perspective, no matter what leadership qualities he possesses.  Personally, I appreciate and like Tebow.  I just don’t want him playing quarterback on my football team.

– Luke N. Sims

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