Fantasy Football – Early Season TE Rankings


Jan 20, 2013; Foxboro, MA, USA; Detail view of an NFL football before the AFC championship game between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

So here we are. Still sludging our way through the NFL Off Season. Bear with me as I try to keep your football pulse alive by giving my take on the Tight End position’s top 15. Instead of the standard order of going QB, WR, RB, TE, K and D, I though I’d bounce it around a little.We know it’ll be a while before we’re drafting any TE’s from Jacksonville, so unfortunately we won’t be seeing Marcedes Lewis on here any time soon. And keep in mind, this is MY OPINION and these ranking will change up until the kick off of the season opener. To me the TE is the hardest position to draft for. This is due to having only 3 studs….. and then everyone else. You could take one, but may miss out on a stud running back or wideout. My strategy has been this: try to get one of the big 3, if I fail to do so, then I draft two really good ones and rotate them week to week based off of production and match ups.

1. Rob Gronkowski- I struggled with the top three. Especially with Gronk’s medical issues (his arm is infection free at the moment). But Brady needs a new security blanket and Gronk has quickly developed into this during his time in New England. Minus Welker out of the equation and there you have it.

2. Jimmy Graham- Brees is generous with the ball. Graham is a match up nighmare that doesn’t need to be open to get the ball. Sean Payton is back and will make sure Graham maintains his dominance.

3. Aaron Hernandez- It doesn’t really matter which one of the top three you draft IMO. Just as long as you have one. The TE’s could easily dominate the passing game in New England next year.

4. Vernon Davis- Crabtree is in all likelyhood, out for the season (Achilles tear). Delanie Walker is no longer there. And it’ll take time for Anquan Boldin to build chemisty with Kap. He could have a monster year.

5. Tony Gonzalez- They’ll have a legitamite run game this year, giving the Falcons one of the most well rounded skill position rosters in the NFL. They fell short of going to the Super Bowl. Gonzalez ain’t going out like that this year.

6. Martellus Bennett- The Bears now have a TE that can catch the ball. They have a QB that can throw the ball. There you go.

7. Jason Witten- I really wanted to put him higher, but I think Dez Bryant is the new Sherrif in town. Still, he’ll have a good year or two before the Escobar era begins.

8. Kyle Rudolph- Besides AP, he’ll be Ponder’s most trusted weapon.

9. Dwayne Allen- I‘ll get a lot of boos for putting him this high, but Indy is switching up their offense. This means Luck won’t be forced to throw bombs down field all day. My only reservation would be Fleener poaching from him.

10. Dennis Pitta- Him and Flacco are BFFs. Rice in the back, Pitta in the middle and Smith out deep.

11. Jermichael Finley- I truely believe their improved back field will help solve a lot of their problems. Finley will return to form.

12. Greg Olsen- Cam Newton came on strong in the second half of last season. This is a shining spot on Olsen’s outlook.

13. Antonio Gates– Remember when Gates dominated the TE position? Vaguely? The new regime will try to resesitate him.

14. Brandon Pettigrew- He’s got a cannon throwing him the ball. Not much reciever depth either.

15. Owen Daniels- In theory, the addition of Hopkins should spread the secondary.

Feel free to comment back. I’d be curious to see who you’d take higher or lower.

-Jason Abarca