NY Jets Look To Trade Up In 2nd Round, Jaguars Are Perfect Partner


It’s too bad the Jets don’t have Darrelle Revis as trade bait anymore.  Source: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets are looking to trade their second round pick in order to move up and grab a quarterback, possibly West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith.  At least that’s what I’m hearing via the Twitterverse.  The Jacksonville Jaguars are the most logical trading partner in round two if the Jets are looking to ensure they get their man.

The Jaguars hold pick number 33, the top pick in the second round.  This makes the Jags’ pick the best pick in the round and truly the only pick that can guarantee Geno Smith or whichever quarterback the Jets want.  Every pick after 33 has the potential to be the Jets’ coveted quarterback.  Even pick 33 could be a quarterback, though it appears unlikely.  The Arizona Cardinals, a quarterback needy team, pick one spot ahead of the Jets (38) though the Eagles also pick at 35 and could get Smith who could replace Vick after his contract ends this season.

So, should the Jaguars and Jets create the perfect second round trade?  Absolutely.  The Jaguars want more picks and moving back to #39 in round two isn’t going to hurt them too much as they look to add a cornerback, safety, outside linebacker, guard, or pretty much any other position on a football team.  Because the Jaguars are desperate for players, they may be willing to settle for less value in the trade than another team.

Here are the picks the Jets have left in the draft:

  • Round 2, No. 39
  • Round 3, No. 72
  • Round 4, No. 106
  • Round 5, No. 141
  • Round 6, No. 178
  • Round 7, No. 215

I believe the Jaguars would be willing to swap second rounders for an additional third round pick as well.  This would give them picks 39, 64, and 72 in rounds two and three.  The Jaguars are looking to land a number of starters in the NFL Draft and they would increase their chances with two third rounders and could probably still land a first round talent at number 39 in the second round.

Personally, I would love it if the Jaguars traded back a few picks.  I haven’t heard anything yet about the Cardinals thinking of trading up but they would be an even better trade partner than the Jets.  The Jets would land a quality quarterback if they traded with the Jaguars though it would seem they are creating a glut at the position with David Garrard, Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy, and then either Geno Smith or some other coveted quarterback.  I like Garrard and McElroy and I think Tebow (now with fixed mechanics!) and Sanchez would be the odd men out if someone like Smith came to town.  Five quarterbacks is a lot in the offseason, especially if the idea is to create an open competition.

The Jaguars, San Francisco 49ers (34), and Philadelphia Eagles (35) are reportedly all looking at trade down possibilities.

– Luke N. Sims

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