NFL Mock Draft 2013: B&T Staff Picks


The NFL Draft is here!  Just a few hours away until all the teams make their first round selections and decide their futures.  The 2013 NFL Draft is unique in that it still appears open.  There are still questions about who each team will take with their selection(s).  I think this is great as it provides a bit more intrigue to a lengthy, popular process.

Will Geno Smith be a top pick?  Have the Chiefs decided on Luke Joeckel?  Who’s looking to trade up?  Are any of the three teams with multiple first round picks planning on shopping them?  It all gets answered, for better or for worse, tonight at 8:00 PM EST.  For now, please let the picks from B&T’s staff placate your desire to know who is going where.  This is Black and Teal’s second “first round rumble” where the staff competes against each other to see who is the best at evaluating college prospects.

Pick #Jason LoveLuke SimsDavid JohnsLionel Joel*Daniel LagoKyle MessinaZoltan Paksa
1Luke JoeckelLuke JoeckelLuke JoeckelLuke JoeckelLuke JoeckelLuke JoeckelLuke Joeckel
2Dion JordanJarvis JonesDion JordanBarkevious MingoGeno SmithDion JordanDion Jordan
3Star LotuleleiSharrif FloydEric Fisher
(Pick Traded to MIA)
Shariff FloydSharrif FloydStar LotuleleiSharrif Floyd
4Eric FisherDion JordanDee MillinerStar LotuleleiDion JordanEric FisherStar Lotulelei
5Ezekiel AnsahEric FisherLane JohnsonEric FisherEric FisherLane JohnsonEric Fisher
6Dee MillinerEzekiel AnsahEzekiel AnsahDee MillinerEzekiel AnsahDee MillinerEzekiel Ansah
7Lane JohnsonChance WarmackChance WarmackEzekiel AnsahChance WarmackMatt BarkleyLane Johnson
8Ryan NassibRyan NassibGeno SmithGeno SmithRyan NassibGeno SmithTavon Austin
Barkevious MingoBarkevious MingoDion JordanBarkevious MingoEzekiel AnsahDee Milliner
10Xavier RhodesKenny VaccaroStar LotuleleiChance WarmackJonathan CooperKenny VaccaroJonathan Cooper
11Chance WarmackLane JohnsonJonathan CooperLane JohnsonLane JohnsonChance WarmackChance Warmack
12D.J. FlukerDee MillinerSharrif FloydXavier RhodesDee MillinerDesmond TrufantSheldon Richardson
13Geno SmithXavier RhodesD.J. HaydenD.J. FlukerTavon AustinXavier RhodesGeno Smith
14Sharrif FloydStar LotuleleiXavier RhoesKenny VaccaroStar LotuleleiDeAndre HopkinsBarkevious Mingo
15Sheldon RichardsonBjoern WernerJarvis JonesJarvis JonesSheldon RichardsonBarkevious MingoXavier Rhodes
16Kenny VaccaroTavon AustinKenny VaccaroTavon AustinKenny VaccaroEddie LacyKenny Vaccaro
17Jarvis JonesCordarrelle PattersonCordarrelle PattersonAlec OgletreeJarvis JonesCordarrelle PattersonJarvis Jones
18Sylvester WilliamsD.J. FlukerSheldon RichardsonSheldon RichardsonD.J. FlukerJarvis JonesD.J. Fluker
19Tank CarradineTank CarradineBjoern WernerBjoern WernerTank CarradineBjoern WernerBjoern Werner
20Kevin MinterArthur BrownTyler EifertSylvester WilliamsTyler EifertAlec OgletreeTyler Eifert
21Eric ReidJonathan CyprienTavon AustinEddie LacyJonathan CyprienEric ReidEric Reid
22Tavon AustinAlec OgletreeDeAndre HopkinsCordarrelle PattersonDeAndre HopkinsKeenan AllenAlec Ogletree
23Cordarrelle PattersonGeno SmithDesmond TrufantDesmond TrufantCordarrelle PattersonTavon AustinCordarrelle Patterson
24Datone JonesSam MontgomeryJesse WilliamsTyler EifertAlec OgletreeD.J. FlukerDeAndre Hopkins
25Desmond TrufantDeAndre HopkinsAlec OgletreeManti Te’oArthur BrownJonathan CooperArthur Brown
26Matt ElamTravis FrederickDamontre MooreMatt ElamSylvester WilliamsKevin MinterJustin Pugh
27DeAndre HopkinsJustin HunterD.J. FlukerJustin HunterKeenan AllenRobert WoodsJustin Hunter
28Bjoern WernerD.J. HaydenJonathan CyprienDamontre MooreDatone JonesSharrif FloydDesmond Trufant
29Robert WoodsJamar TaylorJustin HunterJohnthan BanksXavier RhodesSheldon RichardsonJamar Taylor
30D.J. HaydenDesmond TrufantDatone JonesD.J. HaydenDesmond TrufantArthur BrownD.J. Hayden
31Tyler EifertMatt ElamEric ReidJesse WilliamsMatt ElamMatt ElamMatt Elam
32Arthur BrownDatone JonesJamar TaylorRobert WoodsManti Te’oManti Te’oTank Carradine

* Previous Winner of “The Rumble”

Scoring:  Each player correctly matched to their actual pick number is worth two (2) points, each correctly predicted 1st round player selected but not matched correctly is worth one (1) point, players not selected in the first round are worth zero (o)

Join In!  If you are interested in competing against the staff, just post your 32 selections in the comments and we’ll grade them and place you along with the staff.  Be the first reader to win!