New Jaguars Helmets Feature “Revolutionary Design”


Goodbye, old friend.  Source:  Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

As the Jacksonville Jaguars’ uniform unveil draws closer (it’s still over 24 hours away at the time of this posting), the rumors abound and the sneak peaks continue to come.  Whether it’s guard Uche Nwaneri calling the new uniforms the dopest in the NFL or his continued euphoric endorsements of the way the Jaguars are going, there’s some excitement around the Jaguars.

That excitement reached an even higher level with an Instagram photo from the Jaguars official instagram that showed part of the new helmet.  It was quickly picked up as it swept the Twitterverse.

The Jags instagram has this to say alongside the photo:

"A revolutionary new helmet design will feature as part of the Jaguars new uniform launch tomorrow. Register at the Jaguars Social League ( to see more and to get a chance to win a seat at the new uniform launch! #jaguars #standunited #nfl #football"

The revolutionary design could really be anything but it is speculated by the people on the interwebs (a great source, I know) that it will be a fade from black to gold (or vice versa depending on your perspective) which will give the Jaguars the first “two tone” helmets in the NFL.  I think it’s a pretty cool idea but I want to see it all together with the uniforms before I pass any judgment on how it comes off.  It took a while for the new Jaguars logo to sink in but that has been accepted by most everybody now.

Are you excited about the gold/black fade helmets?

– Luke N. Sims

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