Jacksonville Jaguars New Uniform Details


The Jaguars’ new uniforms?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have new uniforms coming out on April 23rd but we, as fans, always want whatever is coming sooner rather than later.  The uniform was leaked in the form of a replica jersey a few weeks ago and it seems that things can now be confirmed.  Paul Lukas of “Uni Watch” has an exclusive on the Jags’ new uniforms and can share some details with all of us eager to learn more about the new, blacker uniforms.

"1) The leaked image posted a month ago was indeed legit. It showed a replica of the black home jersey.2) The Jags logo patch on the jersey is facing toward the left because the unis will have a military theme (collar devices and patches in the military face toward the heart).3) Continuing with the military theme, the players’ last names will appear the front of the jersey under the patch, to mimic the look of a military uniform.4) The sleeves will have a multi-colored design similar to the what the Falcons have, featuring black, gold, chrome, and teal. In the leaked image you can see the beginnings of some silver/chrome stripe patterns starting on the shoulder area.5) The jersey will have side panels with some sort of design that will continue into the pants design.6) The helmet shell will be two-tone — starting out gold and then fading into black.7) The logo will be somewhat larger than normal for an NFL helmet — think Boise State’s Pro Combat helmet.8) There will be an alternate teal jersey."

Lukas makes a point of noting that he cannot verify any of this.  While I like the ideas presented, Lukas describes it as being a “nightmare.”  I’m excited to see it all officially unveiled and explained on Tuesday.

– Luke N. Sims

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