Jacksonville Jaguars Install New Offense


Jedd Fisch orchestrating his offense. Source: Jaguars.com

Jedd Fisch, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ offensive coordinator, is in the process of installing the third different offense for the Jags in three years.  Fisch is coming up from The University of Miami (Florida) where he had a high tempo offense centered around letting the quarterback wing it and a strong complementary running game.  He is beginning to install his offense with the Jaguars now, during a voluntary mini-camp.

Fisch’s offense will hopefully inspire some better quarterback play and stretch the field to take some pressure off star running back Maurice Jones-Drew.  While the players aren’t expected to have it all down now, April is about seeing if the players can transfer what they learned in the meeting room onto the field.  “We can do everything we want to get done right now.  It’s only April. We’re teaching everything. We’re evaluating them on what they can process, on how they can take the meeting room onto the field,” Fisch said.  So far it looks like things are going alright by all accounts.

Quarterback Chad Henne confirmed that the offense will incorporate some of the “sugar huddle” that was incredibly popular in Indianapolis with Peyton Manning.  “We want to keep the defense off balance at all times,” said Henne when talking about Fisch’s offense.

Anything that is fast and keeps defense’s from no longer keying onto what the Jaguars are doing is a good thing in my book.  For too long the Jags have been a predictable run first, plodding team rather than an attacking offense.  I like what I hear out of Fisch and the offensive players after the first couple of days, especially now that the overall scheme is starting to come together.

– Luke N. Sims

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