What’s Next: Gus Bradley Breaks It Down


March 19, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley answers questions from reporters during the annual NFL meetings at the Arizona Biltmore. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Head coach Gus Bradley is breaking down his coaching approach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, simplifying it.  He is making sure that everyone can do his job effectively.  It all began with the offseason program beginnings on Tuesday, April 2nd.  Bradley surmised it perfectly, himself:

"I want to really come across as our plan is being really simple.  Michelangelo used three primary colors and look at what he did. Beethoven used seven notes and look at what he did. We don’t have to be complicated in our house."

Bradley doesn’t want to over-inundate the players with an excess of information that they have to think through constantly rather than focusing on small, quick points that can apply to their instinctual approaches to the game.  This is a distinct departure from 2012 head coach Mike Mularkey who had a complicated approach to coaching and incorporated complex schemes to go with.  “I didn’t want to have a two hour meeting with them and go through everything. I think it’s most important is to hit them with shots. Probably from here on out it will be maybe15 or 20 minute shots from me,” said Bradley.

The new approach of Bradley appears to be well received.  “…it felt like it went really well. I was very, very excited in how well it was received,” Bradley noted after the first day was over.  The Jaguars are going to have to bond together around Bradley’s simple messages as the team is rebuilt.

Bradley seems like the kind of guy who will get his point across without having to get complex.  Players want to play for him and do their best for him. “I think the big thing for us is we want to play hard, fast, and together,” said Bradley.  I think the team will respond well and grow together to play hard and fast under Bradley.

– Luke N. Sims

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