Jacksonville Jaguars Are Here To Stay, Ticket Sales on The Rise


Dec 16, 2011; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars new owner Shahid Khan talks to the media during a press conference at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars continue to make investments in staying in Jacksonville.  A little over a year ago the team was still listed as one of the more likely franchises to relocate to Los Angeles.  Now, with a reinvigorated owner investing in Everbank Field and the Jacksonville community, we know the Jags are here to stay.  In return, the team is seeing renewed investment from its fans.

Last season the Jaguars had enough attendance to take the tarps off the upper decks for three games.  The team hasn’t seen a television blackout in three seasons.  In the 2013 offseason, ticket sales are rising even higher.  There is no better man to tell the fans about it than the owner, Shahid Khan himself, in an interview with Forbes:

"A year ago we were 29th in ticket sales. We finished 20th in ticket sales. The London experience is turning out to be everything and more than I thought. The game is sold out, we got marketing rights in London, which is the first time that’s happened…We’re also off to a record start on season ticket sales in Jacksonville even though we have raised prices and had a 2-14 season. We expect to have record season ticket sales. It’s about engaging the season ticket holders and doing a lot with the gameday experience."

The London game in particular is brining in a lot for the Jaguars.  The ticket revenue for the game in Wembley stadium is 44% higher.  Playing the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers has got to be helping in driving ticket sales over there as well.  The Jags are also expanding their London-dedicated sales and marketing staff.

Everything is looking up for the Jaguars in Jacksonville and as a brand with a bigger base.  The 32nd most popular team in the league will continue to rise in popularity and support (not that they need it locally) as they improve the gameday experience, market to a broader base, and put a better product on the field.  The latter of which is a rebuilding effort as the team tries to find the right strategy for the “Holy Grail” that is the football side of the Jaguars.

– Luke N. Sims

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