Knighton to Broncos; Cox to Chargers


Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Terrance Knighton signed a two year $4.5 million contract with Denver yesterday. He will reunite with former Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio. Derek Cox signed a four year $20 million contract with San Diego yesterday as well. Cox and Knighton were the two most important free agents on the Jaguars roster.

The overhaul continues! Knighton and Cox were two of the last of the 2009 draft class, but both had solid (not spectacular) careers in Jacksonville. Eugene Monroe is now the lone survivor. Regarding the secondary-another one bites the dust.

I know it seems like we’re losing a lot of talent, but keep in mind that in today’s NFL anyone is replaceable. The roster of a 2-14 being gutted should be of no surprise to anyone. Knighton lost his starting job last season, and Cox spent more time injured than he did on the field.

Some may be panicking a bit about how we’re going to replace all of these players that are leaving the team, and with good reason, but have faith everyone. Caldwell has a plan, and it’s been obvious we’re going in a new direction. This is exactly what the Jaguars need. New GM. New coach. Now it’s time for a new roster.

– David R. Johns