2013 NFL Free Agent Targets


September 30, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams cornerback Bradley Fletcher (32) celebrates his interception during the second half at the Edward Jones Dome. The Rams defeated the Seahawks 19-13. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars have been pretty candid with their approach to team building, which will be through the draft and college free agency. However, the Jaguars will have to spend something with the cap room that they have now. According to CBS Sports, the Jaguars currently have $26,706,365 in cap space. The Jags have so many holes to fill that a single draft won’t be sufficient. The plan would seem to be to go after 2nd and 3rd tier pro free agents to gap fill until they can replace them with someone younger and better.

Assuming the Jaguars re-sign none of their own free agents, they’ll need to replenish many positions.  I think certain positions will almost definitely be filled through the draft. (LEO, LB, WR), but I think that a RT and a CB could be potential Pro Free Agency targets.

But anyway, let’s take a look at the list…

QB – Josh Johnson – Hgt: 6’2 ½”, Wgt: 205 / Age: 26 / Speed: 4.46-4.64

Formerly with the Browns, Johnson offers a mobile QB option for the Jaguars new brass. Henne likely will be cut, as his salary is not worth it. Johnson could be the cheaper veteran competition that the Jaguars bring in to compete with Gabbert and a Rookie.

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QB – Matt Moore – Hgt: 6’3” / Wgt: 216 / Age: 28 / Speed: 4.83-4.96

Moore seems to have proven himself as at least a capable backup and could battle Gabbert for the starting job.

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CB – Sean Smith – Hgt: 6’3 1/3”, Wgt: 218 / Age: 25 / Bench: 10 / Speed: 4.39-4.59

Someone the Jaguars could look at, but they probably won’t sign (he’ll probably be a first tier guy). Smith would seem to fit well with the Jaguars new defensive philosophy of press coverage and length.

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CB – Bradley Fletcher – Hgt: 6’0 1/3” / Wgt: 185 / Age: 26 / Bench: 20 / Speed: 4.32-4.47

Has decent size and according to Pete Prisco, he displays “nice press-man coverage skills.” He could be a second tier guy to watch. He has suffered major knee injuries in the past though. Displayed good strength and explosion at his 2009 Combine.

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CB – Greg Toler – Hgt: 5’11 1/6” / Wgt: 192 / Age: 28 / Bench: 13 / Speed: 4.38-4.56

Toler doesn’t necessarily fit the mold of the current regime’s ideal CB, but he is an above average cover guy who could start. Might come cheaper at 28 also.

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CB – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – Hgt: 6’2” / Wgt: 185 / Age: 26 / Bench: 17 / Speed: 4.26-4.40

Has the size, length and speed. Has been bounced around the league, which could be a red flag.

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CB – Leodis McKelvin – Hgt: 5’10 1/6” / Wgt: 185 / Age: 27 / Bench: 17 / Speed: 4.32-4.47

McKelvin doesn’t necessarily fit the mold of a press corner, but he offers talent and ability as a kick or punt returner.

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CB – Keenan Lewis – Hgt: 6’0” / Wgt: 208 / Age: 26 / Bench: 19 / Speed: 4.38-4.58

Lewis has good body size and strength and was probably the best corner on the Steelers, according to Prisco. Would be a fine addition.

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CB – Antoine Cason – Hgt: 6’1” / Wgt: 195 / Age: 26 / Bench: 20 / Speed: 4.39-4.58

A solid perform with good size and speed, Cason could be a target for the new regime. Cason also has good strength for a corner.

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DT – Alan Branch – Hgt: 6‘6” / Wgt: 325 / Age:  28 / Bench: 33 / Speed: 5.04-5.16

Branch has obvious connections with Bradley and could most certainly fit as the 3-tech (where he played for Seattle)

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DT – Sammie Lee Hill – Hgt: 6‘4” / Wgt: 329 / Age: 26 / Bench: 27 / Speed: 4.97-5.21

Hill has the size to hold the NT in Gus Bradley’s defense. He doesn’t have much production, but that happens when you play behind Suh and Fairley.

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DT – Desmond Bryant – Hgt: 6‘6” / Wgt: 311 / Age: 27 / Bench: 35 / Speed: 4.83-5.03

Bryant offers an interior pass rush and could fit the 3-tech in Bradley’s defense. He recently had a run in with the law and could be had for cheaper than what he would have commanded prior to the issue.

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DT – Matt ShaughnessyHgt: 6‘5” / Wgt: 285 / Age: 26 / Bench: 24 / Speed: 4.76-5.02

Shaughnessy has dealt with injuries but if he adds a few more pounds, could provide a pass rush from the 3-tech.

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RT – Sam Baker – Hgt: 6‘5” / Wgt: 301 / Age: 27 / Bench: 29 / Speed: 5.28-5.62

Baker was the LT for Atlanta but could be switched to the RT for the Jaguars. Not really the best tackle and might actually be better at RT.

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RT – Sebastian Vollmer – Hgt: 6’8” / Wgt: 320 / Age: 28 / Bench: 32 / Speed: 5.04-5.26

Vollmer has dealt with back issues, but played 15 games in the 2012 season. He is a massive man and would be a good get for the Jaguars.

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RT – Gosder Cherilus – Hgt: 6’7” / Wgt:325  / Age: 28 / Bench: 24 / Speed: 5.08-5.25

Dealt with knee issues in 2010, but had his best season to date in 2012. Could be a very viable target for the Jaguars.

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RT – Ryan Harris – Hgt: 6’5″ / Wgt: 300 / Age: 27 / Bench: 25 / Speed: 5.05-5.12

Ryan Harris was an on again, off again starter for the Houston Texans at RT. Harris has experience in a ZBS and is young.

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DE – Jason Jones – Hgt: 6’5” / Wgt: 276 / Age: 26 / Bench: 18 / Speed: 4.67-4.84

Obvious connections to Seattle aside, Jones exhibits good athleticism and could be the 5-tech end. He could also slide inside on obvious passing situations.

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TE – Martellus Bennett – Hgt: 6’6” / Wgt: 265 / Age:  26 / Bench: 18 / Speed: 4.62-4.76

Bennett is a well rounded TE that had a good season for the Giants. He can block and run and would make for a great 2nd TE.

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– Jason Love