QB Colby Cameron: Potential Jaguars Draft Pick?


Source:  US-Presswire

QB Colby who?  Yeah, I had to look him up too.

I was spending some time looking at other Jaguars blogs when I stumbled across an article posted at The Jaggernaut.  While infrequently updated, the Jaggernaut has some quality content and I’m glad they posted about Colby Cameron earlier on Thursday.

Cameron played his college ball at Louisiana Tech.  A senior during the 2012 season, Cameron put up 4,147 yards and 31 touchdowns in the WAC.  He only threw five interceptions.  His QB efficiency rating was 153.2.  He set the NCAA record for most consecutive pass attempts without an interceptions in a season (428) and career (444).  In 2012 he won the Sammy Baugh award as the best passer collegiate.  So, why haven’t we heard of this kid?  For one, he plays in the WAC which automatically limits your visibility.  Two, Louisiana Tech never finished exceptionally well during his time as a starter.  They did improve to 9-3 during his senior year when he was the primary quarterback the entire season.

Cameron had a decent combine.  He was a top performer among quarterbacks in the 40 yard dash (4.78), three cone (6.98), and 20 yard shuttle (4.28).  He threw well but not well enough to gain attention when compared to someone like West Virginia’s Geno Smith.  He is a decent athlete, but NFL.com doesn’t think that he has the size to “ever be a starting caliber quarterback at the next level.”

To see some decent plays of him, I suggest this play where he really drives the ball against UTSA these scoring highlights against Texas A&M.

Despite a decent arm that could be developed in the NFL and a decent completion percentage (68.8%) Cameron is expected to slip to the seventh round of the draft.  He may not even be drafted.  So why take your time and learn his name?  According to Shane Clemons at The Jaggernaut, it’s because he represents value.

"Cameron has a big arm, but he’s been known to be inaccurate at times. That shouldn’t stop the Jaguars from taking a shot on a guy that would represent a low up front cost with the potential to be a big payoff. At worst, he would be developed into a solid backup for the team that would stabilize the postilion beyond Chad Henne….the Jaguars will be looking for value when they add a quarterback this offseason, and that’s what Cameron represents. There’s no guarantee he would start, or even give Gabbert and Henne a run for their money for that matter, but he would certainly add stability at the quarterback position, and that’s something the Jaguars need."

While I like the find and think that Cameron does have some upside (weird that I think his arm looks able to be developed, Stewart thinks he has a big arm, and NFL thinks his arm isn’t NFL caliber), if he isn’t going to push Gabbert and Henne for their jobs, then why bring him in?  The Jags aren’t in a position to use a roster spot for a quarterback they are grooming behind other quarterbacks who aren’t much good.  If he was able to push Henne out of the backup job, then I would be all for it.

Overall, I think Cameron is as intriguing at Matt Scott.  Scott is getting a lot of attention following the combine, and rightly so, so if he leaves the draft pretty early and the Jaguars still want a quarterback in the later rounds, perhaps Cameron is their guy.

– Luke N. Sims

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