Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Draft Trade Possibilities


Will the Jaguars be able to trade away a top first round selection that could yield a premium pass rusher like Bjoern Werner?  Source: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Jags trade their first round pick?  Not likely.

Their second round pick?  Possibly.

At least that’s what you hear when you take a gander at Jaguars.com.  There may be some possibilities to for the Jags, but it isn’t looking likely.  With such a deep draft, there doesn’t seem to be many suitors for the number two selection.  Per Jaguars.com:

"The 2013 NFL Draft class is considered relatively weak at the top, but deep later in the first round and beyond. That creates a scenario in which teams are unlikely to trade up with the Jaguars for the No. 2 overall selection on April 25 – theory being, why burn later-round selections to trade up when you can get a similar player staying where you are?"

But what about pick #33?  The Jags have the first pick in the second round and that pick may be something special.  If a really gifted player somehow slips, either because other teams wanted different players or because of injury or combine issues, #33 suddenly gets more valuable.  The Jags have so many holes to fill that it may be wise to try and accumulate as many picks as possible to fill them in.  From John Oehser:

"The quarterback class is deep, and the top of the second round is where many after Geno Smith are projected. That pick could glean Caldwell an extra pick later in the draft without having to drop much."

I like a lot of players available at #33, but it’s all on where GM Dave Caldwell thinks he can find the most value.

– Luke N. Sims

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