NFL Combine 2013 Winners – Day 2


This is as exciting as it gets for day two of the combine.  The enthusiasm is flowing out of Mr. Caldwell.  Source: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There’s only one day of the NFL combine finished and there’s bound to be some knee-jerk reactions to how things are going.  Where would we be if we didn’t supply you with some as well?  While there isn’t much going on at day two of the combine (surprisingly, there was less on official day one), there’s always somebody winning the day.  GMs and coaches took to the microphones on day two, so let’s dive in on who is a winner from day two.

Blaine Gabbert

  • You’re drafted at #10 overall, the starter you’re supposed to learn behind is cut, you’re thrust is, and you struggle for 1.5 seasons.  Like really struggle.  Worst quarterback in the league struggle.  Then offseason 2013 happens and the new regime says you’ll still be a part of an open competition?  Good thing the Jags haven’t gone all Jimmy Clausen-Carolina Panthers on you!  Seriously, GM Dave Caldwell said that Gabbert is no longer the incumbent and will receive no advantage in Jacksonville’s quarterback situation.  Believe it or not, but that’s a good thing for Gabbert.

Chuck Pagano

  • This man is an inspiration to us all.  To think that after battling leukemia through the season he could be standing in front of the media chatting to the sports world just months later; it’s crazy.  Pagano is a winner just for being at the combine.  Props to him for being there and being able to make jokes about it.

Sports Fans

  • You are now one step closer through the BS to be able to sit down and watch some men run around and perform workouts in underwear.  Seriously, it’s good television.  Besides, between now and the draft, what else do you have to watch?

Workouts begin Saturday so we’ll all be able to talk numbers and not have to dredge through more Blaine Gabbert talk for the rest of the weekend.  We’ll get a chance to see some tight ends, offensive linemen, and special teams players get put through their paces.  Pity there won’t be any likely punters taken in the early rounds this year…

– Luke N. Sims

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