Jacksonville Jaguars Will Not Have Cap Casualties


Nov.16, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis (89) during the second half against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins won 24-3. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have had a series of poor investments in recent years and new general manager David Caldwell has to deal with it now.  With nearly $10 million in dead money and a number of questionable contracts still on the roster, there will be a lot of work for Caldwell going forward.

Yet the Jags aren’t in a bad spot financially.  Caldwell has some wiggle room that makes teams like the Dallas Cowboys jealous.  If there are going to be cuts, it won’t be because of the unjustified $4 million that someone (yes, you Aaron Ross) is set to make.

“There are no changes coming that will be financial.  The changes that will be coming will be based on performance,”  Caldwell said while speaking at the combine.  Hopefully that means some of the bad investments will be removed as well.

CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reported back in early February that he thinks tight end Marcedes Lewis could be a cap casualty.  While Lewis is underperforming, based on what we saw in his contract season, he is by now means a terrible player and will certainly not be cut purely because of money.  If Caldwell believes he really isn’t worth having around, then out he will go.  But I sincerely doubt that Lewis will be gone.

– Luke N. Sims

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