NFL Combine Events To Watch


Feb 02, 2013; New Orleans, LA USA; Rashad Thornton Sr., of New Orleans, jumps into the air at the Under Armour scouting combine area inside the NFL Experience, pro football

The NFL Combine has more people watching it than most MLB games.  Football has only been gone for a couple of weeks and we already crave more.  Fortunately the NFL Network will broadcast all five days for those of us that want to sit down and watch it.

But what parts of the coverage matter or are the most fun?

40 Yard Dash

  • If there’s an entertaining event, it’s the 40.  Players make or break their name at the 40.  Go fast enough and you can be the next Deion Sanders, go too slow and NFL teams may wonder if you’re fast enough at whatever position you want to play, even quarterback.

Bench Press

  • Nobody has broken Justin Ernest’s 1999 record of 51 reps of 225, but there’s always somebody who thinks they can.  The physical freaks can gain a lot of attention if they do well here, but how much does strength really matter?  That’s for the GMs to figure out, just enjoy the show.

The Gauntlet

  • Nothing tests a wide receiver more than the gauntlet.  You catch a pass, drop it, then run across the field to catch five more in a row.  It’s a pretty indicative feat for hand-eye coordination and can give receivers a chance to show off their focus, or to flounder.

It’s all a pretty good time, but there will be a lot of downtime between the interviews, more boring tests, and Rich Eisen running his annual 40.  Enjoy it all and remember that we keep inching closer to Free Agency and the draft.

– Luke N. Sims

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