The Jacksonville Jaguars Solvable Needs 2013


It’s easy to mark down a team’s needs.  Quarterback, guard, right tackle, linebacker, defensive end, cornerback… the list almost seems endless and the team almost always can improve in some aspect or another.  But how many needs can be solved during one offseason?  Does the team go out and spend lavishly on every free agent who could play in the voids?  If the you’re the Jaguars, no.  So, can you find it all in the draft?  Not really there either.

So which needs do you focus on?

For the Jags, I see three holes they can fill effectively this offseason.  Fortunately for them they filled the massive abyss at punter in 2012.

Defensive End

  • If there isn’t a pass rusher that can help the Jaguars in this year’s draft, then maybe there’s some curse on the team.  In theory, if the Jags pick the top ranked pass rusher in rounds one and two they should have a guy who will help and be around for a while.  Whether it’s Bjoern Werner, Jarvis Jones, or Margus Hunt, they should be able to find their guy in this year’s draft.



  •   Whether Daryl Smith is still in Jacksonville or not, the Jags need at least one high caliber linebacker to join Paul Posluszny.  The draft is not full of high caliber linebackers, but if the Jags can get their hands on a decent mid round prospect like Khaseem Greene or spend for a player like Minnesota’s Erin Henderson, the team could have a much improved linebacking group in 2013.

Part of what makes the Jags’ problems so frustrating is that it feels like there are holes all over the place. While a lot of the outlook is that we can solve defense this year and offense next year, the needs and potential players to fill those needs, likely won’t match up perfectly.  Right now everything is open because the selections haven’t come in yet, but we don’t get to pick from 100% of the pool every round.  We don’t know who everyone else is going to select.  It will be up to GM Dave Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley to prioritize and find out which needs can and should be filled this offseason.

Any holes you guys see that can be “solved” this offseason?

– Luke N. Sims

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