Bradley Is a Major Shift From Mularkey


Mike Mularkey’s hiring was bland, so-so, and mostly generated excitement because he was “not Jack Del Rio.”  I supported the decision, like many Jacksonville Jaguars faithful, and I thought that the mild approach to football was what the Jaguars needed.  With a 2-14 season now buried in the annals of Jaguar football history, the most memorable and exciting time of that season stands out as when Mularkey lost it on the sideline and threw a clipboard.

That’s how sad and depressed the season seemed.

Yet with new head coach Gus Bradley, the Jaguars have a major shift away from the culture that Mularkey had.  The Jaguars, under Bradley, will have energy.

As John Oehser at said, “What you hear is that when he walks into a press conference Friday morning, anyone wondering why this hire was made will wonder no more. That was the knock at the end of Mularkey’s first season, that there wasn’t enough energy, and although coaching isn’t always emotion and first impressions, Bradley reportedly is a move in a different direction.”  I can’t wait for that press conference.  I’m not expecting Bradley to bound out of the door and onto the raised table like a puppy, but I am anticipating something a bit more motivating than the traditional “we’re going to get this team to the Super Bowl…” that coach-speak tends to be.

With Bradley and Caldwell coming in at similar times, the Jaguars now have wiped the slate completely clean and are inputting their own foundation on which to build.  That foundation features a top-tier personnel mind in Caldwell and a top-tier defensive mind in Bradley.  As people like to say, defense wins championships.  I guarantee that the eyes of Caldwell and Bradley are focused on that Lombardi Trophy.

– Luke N. Sims

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