Jaguars HC Search: Darrell Bevell


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The Jacksonville Jaguars continue their search to replace Mike Mularkey at head coach.  The latest news is that they will be bringing in Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell to interview.  This news has come following the reports that Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy will be signing with the San Diego Chargers to become their next head coach.  Seattle’s defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley, is scheduled to interview with the Jaguars on Wednesday after having a second interview with Philadelphia on Tuesday that was expected to clinch the deal between the team and Bradley.

Back to Bevell.

Bevell has worked as an offensive coordinator in the NFL from 2006 onward.  His time has been split between the Minnesota Vikings and the Seahawks and has resulted in many playoff berths as well as some pretty good statistical gains.  Even while under the inept head coaching of Brad Childress in Minnesota, the Vikings managed to have better than average offensive production.  His first year with Seattle (2011) was his worst season statistically and corresponded with a team in flux.  With a new young quarterback and a more established coaching system, Bevell was able to plug in Russell Wilson and get what he needed out of the Wisconsin standout.

Bevell’s statistics are solid and he is a well respected coordinator.  Like Mike Tomlin and Leslie Frazier, it’s now his time as an ex-Childress coordinator (Childress floundered in Cleveland this past season) to make the jump to head coach.  The Vikings managed to outperform their talent level on offense while he was there.   Bevell even managed to make Gus Frerotte and Tarvaris Jackson look like potential starters.  All in all, Bevell has seen nine different players start at quarterback for him over his seven years an offensive coordinator.  If you give him someone consistent, like Brett Favre or Wilson, you see his offense help get the team to the playoffs.

I like Bevell as a potential head coach.  He has experience with young quarterbacks that can rely on a strong running game and he has experience across the board with quarterbacks at different stages of their careers.  He is able to plug them in with better effectiveness than we have seen Chad Henne play at and he also has the respect of his players for his ability to tailor the game plan around specific skill sets.

At a minimum, Bevell will be a good interview for the Jaguars and could provide a barometer on which to base other offensive geared coaches.

– Luke N. Sims

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