Without Mularkey, Jags Assistants Begin to Bail


Without ex-head coachMike Mularkey, the Jacksonville Jaguars are beginning to experience an exodus among the assistants.  Owner Shad Khan gave the assistants permission to interview for other jobs about two weeks ago, but nobody jumped ship until this week.  Mularkey was fired last Thursday and since then the assistants have begun their own job searches for preservation.

Here is the news on where some guys may end up:

Bobby Johnson

  • The Jaguars’ tight ends coach is going to the Detroit Lions for next year.  Johnson will be filling the same role in Detroit as he has for the Jaguars.  He has been with the Jaguars since 2012 and came to Jacksonville as part of Mularkey’s staff.

Greg Olson

  • Olson is one of the better known assistants for the Jaguars.  As the quarterbacks coach he was expected to help turn Blaine Gabbert into an actual NFL quarterback.  While Gabbert is still a work in progress, the development he showed in the season was not the leaps and bounds anticipated for 2012.  Olson is smart to begin interviewing for another job since his time in Jacksonville did not garner results that the team needed.  Olson has just interviewed for the Oakland Raiders’ offensive coordinator position.

Joe Cullen

  • Cullen and his “rushmen” will probably be run out of town by new general manager Dave Caldwell and the new head coach simply because his work has not yielded results.  Well liked by the Jaguars players as well as fans for his demeanor and approach to getting the job done, Cullen simply has not had the amount of success this team needs.  The Jaguars, yet again, were ranked lowest in total sacks.  Yet this isn’t stopping the Browns from seeking permission to interview him.

The NFL is a rough business that requires instant gratification from its coaches.  Teams generally don’t have years to wait around until the tight end coach cultivates one season of success.  The Jaguars, looking for something fresh, will likely scrap a lot of the coaching staff anyway so it is smart of these coaches to get out early and on top.

– Luke N. Sims

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