2013 NFL Draft Filled With Uncertainty For Jaguars


The 2013 NFL Draft is usually something for fans to look forward to.  For the Indianapolis Colts in 2011, the entire season was a “Suck for Luck” competition.  That turned out nicely for the team in 2012.  For some franchises in the ultimate lame duck situation, like the Kansas City Chiefs this year, it is nice to be able to target those potential candidates who could step in immediately and have an impact.  While Andy Reid is practically being allowed to pick the front office in Kansas City, other teams, like the Jacksonville Jaguars, are still filled with uncertainty when looking to the draft.

Will the draft or free agency yield a quarterback to replace Blaine Gabbert for 2013?  Source: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars need so much more than one position in this year’s draft.  The Jaguars need an overhaul at almost every position.  It is easier to list the positions the Jaguars are solid at than it is to list the positions they really need help with.  Even positions with decent starters, like at safety, desperately need depth.  Chris Prosinski can barely tackle my grandmother, much less a receiver or running back.

Without a draft or free agent strategy in place because of the GM search and without any clear need that surmounts others (do we give Blaine Gabbert another shot or do we address the offensive line or defensive lines first?), the Jaguars are caught in uncertainty.  At least with Gene Smith we knew that high character guys were going to be targeted.  For now we are forced to hope that Bjoern Werner, Jarvis Jones, or Geno Smith could be the future.  But are any of them worth the second pick?  We simply don’t know at this point.

And there is nobody to point us in the direction we think we should go.

Whoever is GM when Shahid Khan finishes his search will have a top priority and from that we will be able to glean more.  Whether we’re looking to Luke Joeckel to add even more strength at tackle or pursuing a new scheme that needs a nose tackle like Star Lotulelei, we’ll know more when the GM search is over.  Until then, the 2013 NFL Draft is purely speculation and the uncertainty is killing me.

Fortunately, it looks like the search should be done sometime next week.

– Luke N. Sims

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