Jaguars GM Search: Marc Ross


By firing Gene Smith the Jacksonville Jaguars are stating that they can do better.  For any Jaguar fan who watched even a few of this season’s games, this was already obvious.  Owner Shahid Khan is doing the best thing for this team by searching for a new general manager.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Jags’ owner is flying up to New Jersey to visit with New York Giants director of college scouting, Marc Ross.  Ross has been with the Giants since 2007 after doing some scouting with the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills.  For a team that continuously finds late round and undrafted gems, the move interview Ross is a logical step for Khan.

Ross has managed to help the Giants field two Super Bowl winning teams under head coach Tom Coughlin.  The big names are not brought to New York, they are made in New York (with the Giants, not the Jets obviously).  Coughlin has been able to work with players that Ross has been recommending and these players have, by and large, become successes.  Victor Cruz was nobody until New York, Mario Manningham became famous because Ross knew he was there and went out to get him. This guy knows talent and talent is exactly what the Jaguars need.

By interviewing Ross, Khan is fulfilling the “Rooney Rule” of interviewing a minority candidate for general manager.  Do not mistake this interview as simply fulfilling his hiring duties though!  Ross is a very good candidate and has a strong body of work that makes him worth the Jaguars’ while.  The only strike against him that I can see is that he is coming from the scouting area (as many personnel executives do) and the Jaguars may want to move away from those who were in charge of scouting after the Gene Smith era.

– Luke N. Sims

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