New Coaches Everywhere


You all know about the coaching changes.  Let’s take a look at some of the new possibilities around the league and see how things are shaping up. Of course, I am wrong about all of this.

First stop San Diego. Thankfully they realized Norv Turner wasn’t the answer. It took them 7 years to reach that conclusion. They are looking seriously at Ken Whisenhunt. I really think Ken would do a great job in San Diego. I don’t know why but it feels right to me.

Arizona Cardinals. They are considering Denver’s OC Mike McCoy. I don’t believe they will end up any better with Mike. He let Tebow run to a nice and surprising playoff appearance and now Peyton is taking them again. Look before that and you don’t see Denver as a powerhouse offense.  Mike McCoy will be a bad hire. They are also looking at Andy Reid. Now Andy could land here and do well.

Philadelphia Eagles. They love Dirk Koetter. In fact, there will be a bidding war on Dirk.  I don’t see the success here. We in Jacksonville have had a lot of experience with Dirk and he is too stand-off for HC responsibilities.  Failure with Dirk predicted.

Cleveland Browns. Cleveland is going to get Chip Kelly out of Oregon. College coaches into the NFL have a less than 50/50 record. You can point to some success but a whole lot of failure.  Despite this fact, I think Chip Kelly would be successful in Cleveland. Cleveland has been building their offensive and defensive lines. One good draft and they could make noise.

Chicago Bears. Other than the Philadelphia Eagles, this is the top job open right now. The Bears will not go high profile. They will go new young and up and coming. They like Denver’s Mike McCoy and they could beat out Arizona if they want him.  They also like Atlanta’s special teams coach Keith Armstrong. Not sure why but Keith Armstrong must have something going for him.

Buffalo Bills. I can’t predict the Bills. they thought Chan Gailey was the answer. If they are smart, they will pick up Lovie Smith. I though Lovie was a good coach in Chicago and would be an immediate upgrade to Chan Gailey. Other than that, look for Buffalo to interview Bill O’Brien from Penn State.

Kansas City. This will be an unattractive job except the next head coach reports to the president. They really really want Dirk Koetter but won’t get him. Dirk has options and the worst NFL team is not the best option. If the Eagles want Dirk, he will go there.  I don’t know who will be the one to take this job. Andy Reid is too high profile. I give up. I can’t predict this one.

Oakland Raiders. Who the hell knows? They kept the head coach and fired everyone else.

Jacksonville Jaguars. Mike Mularkey is still the head coach next year, he said so himself (for now).

– Terry O’Brien