Jaguars Owner Pledges Commitment To Fans


This owner is not pleased.  Source: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have never gone to a Super Bowl.  The Lions, Browns, and Texans are all with the Jaguars in that.  However, commiserating is not what Jaguars fans desire.  We Jags fans desire a Super Bowl.

If anybody knows that, it’s owner Shahid Khan.

Khan expounded on his commitment to the fans on Black Monday and followed through by firing General Manager Gene Smith.  Smith’s poor personnel moves cost the team its place as an AFC South competitor and resulted in the worst franchise record ever (2-14) this season.  Without Smith the Jaguars hope to move past the insurmountable hurdles that have plagued them for years.

Khan promises to not be a hurdle.

A successful businessman, Khan understands that when things aren’t working a change must be made.  When you have an avid fanbase like the Jaguars do, it is critical to be responsive to their desires.  While I oppose fan-run hirings and firings of general managers, the will of the fans cannot be ignored.  We aren’t the Kansas City Chiefs after all.

After announcing his dismal of Smith, Khan said:

"I’ve made it clear from Day One that we pledge nothing less than to deliver the first Super Bowl championship to Jacksonville. Our fans have been remarkably loyal over the years and they were truly outstanding this past season. We simply must do better for our fans."

While it all may be lip service, we have no reason to believe that Khan does not want to do right by his fans.  Khan has shown that he can be successful when he commits to a dream and an organization.  The Jaguars will be no different.  The fans for ht eJaguars didn’t just receive empty acknowledgement of their disappointment, the Jaguars received a commitment.

That commitment is a Super Bowl.

I doubt it happens next year, but firing Gene Smith is a move in the right direction.

– Luke N. Sims

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